What is HSE?

Health, Safety and Environmental is a discipline which studies and practically implements environmental protection and general safety at workplace. It is what every employer must carry out to make sure that activities do not cause bodily harm to employees.


Why College of Health, Safety and Environment?

Our college is the foremost and only college who is solely based on providing education in Health, Safety and Environment. We are not based in a confined particular location like every other regular college. We have our study centers all around the country. Our lectures are on weekend which won’t clash with your work.  We work with a lot or firm in their staff training.​

Who need HSE professional certificate?

Over 3.5 million preventable accidents occurs every year, some which resulted to death and many leads to permanent injuries on the body and environment.

It is a known fact that Efficient health and safety at workplace will not only guarantee employees happiness and productive, but will definitely also reduce human physical and emotional damage and the business costs of injuries and avoidable lawsuits.

Where can I attend my classes?

The College is not a one location college like every other regular college. We have our lecture centers all across the states. You may choose to attend your lectures in any state you are located or a state of your choice. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest OSHA standard. You will also be provided with study manuals to ease your training.

Are in the field or you want to go into it or maybe you just want to improve your employment chances?

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