Welcome to the College of Health, Safety and Environmental Management is a Health institution founded by diverse health professionals who are having a passion for the spread of qualitative technical Health skills which is inevitably needed for the development of the any nation. Our aim is to teach individuals to be able to learn and be creative in so many facet of life. The college is equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities and a near reality learning environment.


The College of Health, Safety and Environmental Management is professional health college that promotes coordinated practice, with professional ethics and support education in the environmental health and safety field among environmental health officers, the construction workers, engineers, builders, surveyors, academicians, technicians, skilled workers and professionals in all fields. We teach students to be well conscious of their Health and Safety in their environment.


We are established in 1996 and was known as health safety management school as the foremost school in Health, Safety and Environment. We changed our name in 2017 to College of Health, Safety and Environmental Management. We having a standing recognitions’ by the world regulatory body in the Health and Safety field, NEBOSH, OSHA, and IOSH.


For prospective students, if you enjoy working for the safety of people - this is a college for you! We are human centered with a clear aim of equipping students to cater for the health and safety of themselves and their immediate environment. We are open to feedback at any time for the maximum satisfaction of all our students worldwide.


College of Health Safety and Environment independent college who deliver vacationed educational qualifications in health, safety and environmental practice and management, which is fully equivalent to the NEBOSH “National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety” according to OSHA – “Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard.

Our Mandates

Our Vision

The College of Health, Safety and Environmental Management will be the world leader in Environmental health and safety education provider which will impact the life of every organization and the society at large.

Our Mission

In line with our commitment, The College of Health, Safety and Environmental Management strives to nurture students with impactful teaching, near reality practical, and bunch of impactful programs that aim to promote the health, safety and the holistic well-being of the people, their environments, and the communities at large.


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